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Nils Russell
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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeSun Dec 30, 2007 10:08 am

- Write in English. Proper English.

- You are allowed any number of characters, but you must keep them up. You will be contacted if the characters are... dead.

- Third person at all times.

- You must roleplay with more than one person at least once a week, as this is a gang based roleplay and not for elitist cliques.

- Any hissy fits over your character being "ditched" (not being included whilst you are not there) will result in a three day suspension.

- Pregnancies will have to be applied for, and they will not be common

- Your character must have parentage from the original DC

- You must have experience in the Damned City. We are defining experience as over 1000 posts. However, count your posts as all your characters.

- Boys or girls, doesn't matter.

- Slash is tolerated. As is het.

- Hybrid relationships are encouraged.

- Usernames should be your character's first and second name.

- Fill out your character sheets like the example (Nils Russell) shown.

- No Godmodding

- Have consideration for your fellow RPers and don't make time stand still to hold one of your plans. If time stands still for more than two weeks your event will be passed over.

- If you have a vendetta against one of the members of the roleplay, then be mature enough to keep it out of the roleplaying.

- Your character should be a teenager parented by the veterans of DC. Exceptions to this rule (with regards to age) must be applied for.

- If you wish to command a character parented by characters who are not your own, then please get permission from the original creators.

- Your display picture should be the relevant group picture, with your banner (150x600 please) displaying your character.

- You must have at least three pictures of your character - two as a teenager and one as a baby.

- Character death is not allowed, under any circumstances.

- Have fun!

To show you have read these rules, please put your favourite band at the top of your character sheet.
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