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 John Husky - Graveyard Gang

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John Husky
Graveyard Gang
Graveyard Gang

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PostSubject: John Husky - Graveyard Gang   John Husky - Graveyard Gang Icon_minitimeMon Dec 31, 2007 3:00 am

Snow Patrol

Full Name: John Husky
Nickname(s): John, Doggy
Parentage: John Husky, Xcelia Le Phantom
Siblings: None
Species: Shifter
Loyalties: The Graveyard Gang
Religious Ideology: - Who cares?
Political Ideology: There is no perfect system so live with it
Moral Ideology: what ever it takes to survive


Name: Penny
Age: 15
Country: UK
Character(s) on DC: Hood, Luis Blake

John just stood up and walked out the door ignoring his father's words as he did so. He left the appartment and looked around. He felt in his pocket for change before heading for a rather losely run off-license round the corner. "The worst thing about this is despite being a teenager for thirteen god damn years, I'm still underage." he muttered to him self. He went in to the shop and picked up some whiskey, he wasn't going to drink it, he didn't like the taste, he was just going to use it as mouth wash to piss off dad.
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John Husky - Graveyard Gang
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